Web Sources for Microstockers


Below is a summary of some free online resources That can greatly facilitate the workflow of the contributors of microstock images.



PicNiche (PicWorkFlow)

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On Picniche.com (recently become PicWorkFlow.com) you can “test” the commercial potential of an image simply by entering its short title (or the main keywords) in the form in this homepage. The search result returns an indicator (rating) for the image, based on variables such as the number of matching files in the agencies and the number of visits and downloads generated.

Microstock Group Keyword Tool


Very useful tool to identify the correct keywords to apply to our images. For a practical example of how to use it you can read my article about keywordingin the “Tutorial” section of this site.

Yuri Arcurs Keywording Tool

Arcurs Keywording

Keywording tool very similar to that of Microstock Group, but undoubtedly more famous and with a more elegant graphics. The operation is almost identical.

Google Search for Images

Google Ricerca Immaginihttps://www.google.it/imghp?hl=it&tab=wi

It is a little empirical method, but it allows in most cases to identify by whom and in what way our images are used. Simply drag your image in the field of research and the engine will return results for all the similar images available on the internet (to take advantage of the “drag” function you must use Firefox). The accuracy of the search relies on the unicity of the image among other similar images.

Photodune Top Sellers

Photodune TopSellershttps://photodune.net/page/top_sellers

it is interesting to see what are the best selling images by the agencies, to take inspiration for your own images. However, not many agencies provide visible sales charts for users. Photodune is one of the agencies more careful in this regard, by publishing rankings of files and even the most popular authors, on a weekly or quarterly basis.

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