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There is a multitude of applications, for both iOS and Android, dedicated to digital photography. From simple apps to enhance and expand the functions already present in the standard camera of the devices, to more sophisticated apps, which become real aids for the professional photographer, allowing for example the planning of photographic output according to ephemeris or to the golden hour, or the management of the time intervals of a timelapse, and so on. Below the state of the art of these resources.




Golden HourGolden Hour
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824 The Golden Hour is the sweetest hour for photographers, especially for landscapers: it is a particular situation in which the sun is low on the horizon (just after sunrise and just before sunset) which results in soft light and warm colors, the perfect condition to take pictures of landscapes and nature. The duration and intensity of the phenomenon varies with the seasons and latitudes, and to take a photo during the golden hour is necessary therefore to be aware of when it will occur. This app for iPhone and iPad lets you know the exact time of the golden hour depending on the geographical position in which you find yourself.
Light StudioLight Studio
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824 Light Studio is a valuable aid to schedule snapshots based on the location of the lights, with particular reference to the composition of the portraits. In the app there are available schemes with positioning of the lights, tutorials and 3D models. It ‘a pretty simple app, but it does its job very well.
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824 ShutterSnitch is a very powerful app that allows you to transfer your images wirelessly on iPhone or iPad from an SD card Eye-Fi or any other device or camera equipped with the ability to transfer files via FTP, including GoPro hero3, Nikon WU, etc. . After importing files on the iPhone or the iPad, you can share them via email or FTP, or even transfer them to other applications for further adjustments.
Nikon Image Space
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 Nikon Image Space is a completely free tool for sharing images. It allows you to connect to your account on the site on which you can store up to 200 albums and images for up to 2GB of space (in the basic version of the service). It’s a great way to store your pictures online and share them simply by forwarding the link to your albums.
Simple DoF Calculator
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824 Simple Dof Calculator, as the name implies, is a very simple app but it does its job very precisely: given a specific set of conditions (camera model, aperture, focal length and subject distance) it allows to calculate the depth of field and the hyperfocal distance of the image to be taken. Showing a very clear visual scheme, the app shows all the dimensions associated with the depth of field, including extreme limits and the distances between the subject and the limits. In the database of compatible cameras there are almost all models on the market.
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824 PhotoPills is an indispensable app that allows in few seconds to plan with great accuracy the own photographic outputs in accordance with a myriad of possible circumstances. Not only it offers a view of the golden hour on terrestrial map, but it is able to suggest locations (more than 10,000 around the world) with the best times to photograph them according to the shape of shadows and obstacles. There are also many other functions such as calculating of solar/moon phases, sunrises and sunsets, perigee and apogee, star trails, milky way, timelapse, DoF and long exposures. In short, it is one of the most complete and accurate app ever for outdoor photography.
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 LightTrac is a very elegant and effective app for planning aspects of astronomical photographs: solar and lunar phases, sunrises and sunsets, lenght of the shadows and calculation of the angle of elevation of the sun and moon. All this informations are available for geolocation, so for any location in the world. it can also save the locations in your archive or manage them from the address book of your device. Finally, full compatibility with Android devices as well as with iPhone and iPad.
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 The Photographer’s Ephemeris is another very popular app for outdoor photography, in particular for taking advantage of natural light. Depending on the geographical location, at any location on earth, it allows to predict time and direction of sunrise and sunset, length and direction of the shadows. It also allows to know the schedule of the phases of the moon and other relevant astronomical events. All this without needing to be connected to the Internet, directly from within the app. Available on all platforms, both iOS and Android.
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824 TimeLapse is an app that allows you to record wonderful footages directly from your iOS device. Time-lapse is a photographic technique that allows you to make movies in which time seems to pass much more quickly (see the portal TLN for more informations). This app contains the complete workflow with many advanced features, such as the tool to avoid flickering.
Lapse It
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 Also “Lapse It” is a very popular app that lets you create stunning movies in Time-Lapse. Among its functions, the ability to import pre-recorded videos to further edit them, slow them down or speed them up. You can also edit the movie by controlling exposure, focus, ISO and white balance, or by adding a soundtrack directly from the device’s music library. You can also share your movies on major social networks. Finally, it is available on all platforms, both iOS and Android.

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