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Dreamstime was founded in 2004 by the romanian designer Serban Enache, therefore it’s one of the most established microstock agencies in the market. Over the years Dreamstime has maintained its position thanks to its renewal ability, such as in 2006, when it was the first agency to introduce subscription plans for buying images in addition to the credits system. It has a portfolio of over 52 million images (data from January 2017) despite the proliferation of other more aggressive agencies in the last years.

To become contributors at Dreamstime you simply need to register on the site and there’s no need of admission test or preliminary review of your portfolio. Given the large amount of images available in the archive, it is normal that the reviewers are quite demanding, although not as much as the reviewers at Fotolia or Shutterstock. Royalty Free Stock PhotosMaybe also because, unlike Fotolia, Dreamstime agrees to sell editorial images, moreover without the need to mark them as editorial during the submission on the website. Again, as is the case for 123RF and Depositphotos, it’s up to the reviewers to decide whether an image can be approved for the royalty free or editorial market.

The uploading process is rather easy and can be made via FTP. During the submission on the website there is a bit of work to do, because you need to categorize all the images one by one. However, the possibility to “auto-populate” categories from similar files uploaded earlier makes the process less time-consuming than you might expect. There are also weekly limits to upload, depending on the approval rate of the images of each contributor, but in any case large enough to be able to upload at least several hundred, if not thousands, of files per week. The revision of the files takes quite a long time, usually more than 1 week.

The earnings for the standard contributors are above average, as well as those for the exclusivist contributors, and follow a specific growth plan, depending on the seniority and sales generated over time by the single files. The accepted payment methods are the most common ones (Paypal/Skrill/Cheques) and the minimum threshold for payment – which must be explicitly required by the contributor – is $ 100.

The Dreamstime community is highly addictive and the interaction between the contributors is very encouraged and promoted by the agency. You can join contests with prizes for contributors, there is a very active forum and even the ability for contributors to write their own blog within Dreamstime. Also, an interesting photo map, which simply orders images on the archive on a world map (of course only for those images which incorporate GPS data).

Below is the table with the main informations about Dreamstime:

Logo iStockphoto Logo
Website www.dreamstime.com
Social Links/Blog Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blog, Forum
Headquarters United-States Brentwood, USA Romania Bucharest, Romania
Portfolio 52,000,000 (updated to January 2017)
Website Traffic Rank by Logo Button 125x40
Admission Test Not needed
Image Size Minimum 3 Megapixel
Accepted File Types Photos, Vectors, Footage
Severity of the Reviewers High
Editorial Images Accepted, and no specific description needed. Reviewers decide whether an image is suitable for sale with standard license or editorial
Types of Licences Standard License, Editorial License, Extended License
Price of the Images Credits start from $0.77; for purchase on subscription starting at $0.20 per single image
Earnings for Contributors From 25% per single download and from $0.35 per download on subscription, growing according to this schedule
Payout Minimum Threshold $100
Payment Mode Upon request once thresold exceeded, via PayPal/Skrill, Bank Checks, Prepaid Dreamstime MasterCard Payoneer
Exclusivity From 60% per single download and from $0.42 per download on subscription, growing according to this schedule
Referral Program 10% of purchases or sales made by referred customers or authors for the first 3 years, plus a special instant bonus of $5 for promoting Dreamstime through a referral banner placed on your own website
Uploading Mode Java Plug-in on the website or via FTP
Recognition IPTC data from file Automatic
Currency $ US Dollar (USD)
Supported Languages English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Swedish
Tools Contests, Games, Photomap with Geotagged images, Blog
Download Release Forms Model Release
Property Release

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