Books about Advanced Techniques of Photography


After seeing the basic books for those approaching the world of digital photography, here following a list of books, mostly by the same authors, who treat more advanced topics, such as the strobist technique (the “magical” book by Biver/Fuqua/Hunter), the close-up photography (Peterson), the studio photography (Kelby) or the on-camera flash photography (McNally). Also in this case, for each book there is a quick review, in addition to the link to Amazon’s store and to the digital versions on iTunes and Google Play, if available.

Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It
by Scott Kelby

With the usual simplicity that characterizes the books of Scott Kelby, in this volume are explained with practical examples the techniques for photo studio, the correct lighting with advice about the necessary equipment, through to post-production and editing for the finalization of the images.

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Light Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting
by Biver/Fuqua/Hunter

A great book for people who are new to the world of the strobist photography, because it not only explains the lighting techniques and how to best use the studio equipment, but also provides an in-depth discussion on the quality and behavior of light in photography.

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Understanding Close-up Photography
by Bryan Peterson

An invaluable guide to the world of macro photography. A very effective mix of “tips for shopping” and explanations on techniques to approach to the close-up photography, but also many creative ideas for photographers with more experience.

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Sketching Light: An Illustrated Tour of the Possibilities of Flash
by Joe McNally

Taking pictures with all kinds of flash, according to the advices of the great Joe McNally, who takes the reader to the analysis of dozens of images and the way the light was “built” to take them. A careful study on the patterns of illumination of the scene, not to mention the position and power of the flash, the diffusers, until the examination of tools such as triggers for remotely activating the flash.

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The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes
by Joe McNally

In “Hot Shoe Diaries” McNally tells how to create images of great evocative power with the simple aid of a Nikon Speedlight, or “hot shoe flashes.” A very useful book to approach to the strobist technique without necessarily be equipped with a professional lighting system.

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