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In recent times, many popular applications for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have been developed, which allow for example to monitor downloads and revenues of your microstock images. Some of them allow also to take pictures through your smartphone and send them directly to the agencies for the review process. Below the state of the art of these resources.




Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 Microstockr is probably the best app on the market for tracking microstock sales. The interface is simple and clean, the list of featured agencies is quite wide and, from the latest version, there are also new functions such as reporting, alerts and account synchronization via Dropbox. The app is free of charge and provides a basic package of agencies and functions that can be expanded with in-app purchases. There is not a HD version for iPad.
EasyReleaseEasy Release
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 Easy Release is an app that allows you to easily preset the model releases requested by the agencies for the images depicting recognizable people. The app is available for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android and has many functions: it can collect data from your telephone contacts, or use pre-established model releases or create your own and export the final document in PDF or send it by email to the model for the signature. It is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for those microstockers who frequently work with models.
Shutterstock Contributor App

Shutterstock Contributor
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 Shutterstock Contributor is the app made in 2014 by the #1 microstock agency in the world. It is a very functional app with an elegant yet simple graphic. It has 3 main sections: “Activity”, which summarizes the sales of the previous days and accomplishments (ie. additions of your images to lightboxes of customers); “Earnings”, with the history of sales statistics broken down by year / month / day; “Submit”, where you can complete the submission of files previously sent (by assigning categories and keywords), or send new files, provided they are already in the library of the smartphone, as there is no possibility to take new pictures from within the app.
Clashot App

Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 Clashot is an app created as an offshoot of Depositphotos, which allows you to take pictures with your smartphone and upload them for sale through the agency. Compared to other similar apps from microstock agencies, Clashot promises to be also an instrument of social content sharing and even an instrument of payment of bills and services through credits earned.

Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 On The Go is the app made by 123RF that allows you to keep track of your activities as a contributor for this agency, therefore allowing you to view statistics about downloads and revenues generated by your images. As Fotolia Instant and Clashot, also “123RF OTG” allows you to take pictures with your smartphone and send them directly to 123RF for review. A very complete app, with an extremely clean interface.
Dreamstime App

Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 Dreamstime is the homonymous app of the agency for its contributors: it allows you to monitor the status of sales and revenues, as well as of active files and those pending approval. From within the app (available for both iOS and Android), you can upload images directly from your smartphone, but there is no tool for capturing images in-app (you need to already have them in your smartphone library). The app seems very responsive and with a good GUI.

i$tock Stats
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 i$tock is a very complete app for statistics on iStockphoto, although it is not an official app of the agency.
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 PayPal is not exactly an app for Microstock: this is the official app of the payment system more widespread in the world, born many years ago as a form of payment for eBay. Due to the fact that almost all agencies Microstock use or prefer this tool for sending payments to their contributors, it is definitely an app that is a must on the phone of a Microstocker. Through the app, available for both iOS and Android, you can check your balance and transactions and even send payments.
Available_on_iTunes_Badge_IT_110x40_0824it_generic_rgb_wo_45 As PayPal, also Skrill is a financial app that lets you manage your account with this payment circuit. Formerly known as Moneybookers, this circuit is also accepted by most agencies as a tool for sending payments to their contributors.

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