Manhattan – Usage of my images #3

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Skyscrapers in Manhattan, New York © 2013

In this third episode of “use of my images” we take as an example the case of the image visible above: the photo was taken on the 6th Avenue (also known as Avenue of the Americas) in Manhattan, New York City, in 2013. This street is characterized, especially in the stretch that runs parallel to Times Square, by a long line of squared skyscrapers placed side by side, on both sides of the road. Due to the “classical” shape of these skyscrapers (so to speak), marked by the massive presence of steel and glass, this part of New York is the one that, probably more than any other area, best represents concepts as Business, Finance and whatever it is associated with the world of Economics.

At must be said that most of the buildings of Manhattan are copyrighted (eg. The Empire State Building) therefore you can usually put on sale only images with editorial license, through the agencies that deal with this type of licenses. In this case, however, given the vagueness of the buildings and the fact that they are only partially portrayed, moreover without the presence of a main subject, I was able to get approval from microstock agencies with a standard commercial license.

As for the use that is made of this image, at least on the internet, its proximity to the concepts of Business and Finance pushes the image to be used especially on websites that talk about these topics, eg. blogs and news sites on exchanges and financial markets, sites of investment companies, insurance companies, banks and even law firms, architectural or real estate.

Here are some examples traced through the Google image search (click on images to enlarge them or on the link in the caption to read the article online, if still available):

Sito Corbett&Dullea Real Estate (USA)

Corbett&Dullea Real Estate (USA)

Sito JetCloud (Australia)

JetCloud (Australia)

Sito SunBridge (Japan)

SunBridge (Japan)

Sito DailyAlts (USA)

DailyAlts (USA)

Report in PDF pubblicato dal sito (USA)

PDF report published on (USA)

Sito Zcool (China)

Zcool (China)

Sito Verite Capital Partners (USA)

Verite Capital Partners (USA)

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