Love Sculpture in Philadelphia – Usage of my images #4

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Love Sculpture, Philadelphia (USA) © 2013

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In the fourth episode of “Use of my images“, we examine another case of editorial image, this time taken in Philadelphia (USA) in 2013 and having as its subject one of the most famous versions of the “Love” sculpture by Robert Indiana.

Once again, it was a photo taken without much preparation, mainly because of bad weather: it was raining, there was a strong wind and water drops were falling on the lens both from the rain and from the fountain on the back of the sculpture. The only advantage was that despite being broad daylight in one of the more touristic areas of Philadelphia, there was no one around and therefore there was not the confusion of passersby that normally surrounds this monument. In post-production I was then able to eliminate major flaws, but certainly the light that day was not ideal. Even in the absence of recognizable people, to avoid problems of copyright infringement of the sculpture, I decided to offer the image for sale with editorial license, of course only to those agencies that accept this type of license.

Despite this, quite unexpectedly, this image is among those that generate the most downloads in my entire portfolio and it is mostly used on sites that have to do with travel and tourism to the USA and Pennsylvania. How do I know it? Obviously through the Google image search, which has allowed me to identify many of the sites on which the image was used. As usual, there is no way to easily identify other uses outside of the internet.

Below is a list of the main examples of use that I was able to track down. A couple of them refer to publications or sites of great fame (eg. Huffington Post) and even with the explicit author credits (eg. City Pass Philadelphia and Savannahnow). Click on images to enlarge them or on the link in the caption to read the article online, if still available:

Sito (USA) (USA)


Morris Visitor Publications (UK)


Lunas des Miel (Spain)


Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (USA)


Caia No Mundo (Brazil)


The Hartford Mile (USA)

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