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French Polynesia © 2012

With this article I start a new section of this website, in which I will periodically talk about examples of how my images are being used on the web. Examples are tracked on the internet via the Google images search, which I covered on other pages of this blog “How do buyers use microstock pictures?” and “Web sources for Microstockers“.

Let’s start from the image on top of this article, taken at Moorea (French Polynesia) in 2012, during one of my most memorable trips ever.

This is definitely one of my best selling images ever on microstock agencies, so as to appear regularly in the top results when you search for the word “Polynesia” on Shutterstock. Fortunately it is a rather unusual picture, because taken at dusk, with other colors than those usually seen in the images of exotic beaches as Maldives and Polynesia. All this makes the search for images on Google particularly effective, and in fact the results of the research are numerous, mostly related to travel agencies, tour operators or websites and blogs focused on vacations. Below are some examples (click on images to enlarge them or on the link in the caption to read the article online, if still available):

AirStreamTravel, promoting travels to French Polynesia

EuroboatCharter, rent a yacht in French Polynesia

The examples of usage of this image from tour operators and travel agencies websites are numerous and too many to mention all of them. Nonetheless it deserves a particular mention the site, well known italian portal focused on travel and on touristic destinations, of which I confess to be a frequent visitor. Therefore it was a big satisfaction when I saw my image used to illustrate the “most romantic islands in the world.”

Zingarate, travelblog with reviews and tips about destinations

But the greatest satisfaction for the use of this image came from Air France, the French national airline, which used my image to advertise their flights to french overseas territories.

AirFrance, advertising flights to french overseas territories

Finally, below is a selection of examples of how my image has been used internationally on websites.

DelfiLituania (Lithuania) (Czech Republic)

Skyscanner (Brazil)

NewsPer (Russia)

PerPasauli (Lithuania)

QTravel (Poland)

vantage1 (USA)

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