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Apple Store 5th Avenue, New York © 2013

Apple Store 5th Avenue, New York © 2013

The second episode of the section “use of my images” in which I try to show some concrete examples of how my images are being used on the web by the customers of microstock agencies. In this episode we talk about the case of the image on top the article, taken in front of the famous Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York in 2013.

I must admit that this is a typical touristic snapshot, taken without any artistic purpose. Moreover, the almost uninterrupted presence of tourists, curious and buyers of the store, made it absolutely impossible to take the picture in the absence of recognizable people. Anyway, even if the 5th avenue would have been completely deserted, the Apple logo and recognizable architecture would have made anyway impossible to sell the image with standard commercial license. The only option was therefore to offer the image for editorial use only. If you need more informations about editorial images, I advise my article about the legal issues related to microstock images. Also check the list of the agencies that accept editorial content (not all agencies do).

Going back to the image of the Apple Store 5th Ave, although it is an editorial image without many expectations, it is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded images of my portfolio during the past year. In most cases, online magazines use the image to comment on articles about Apple, mostly from the perspective of economics and finance. In other cases, blogs or websites that do reviews on Apple products or that talk about rumors on upgrades and new devices being launched. Here are some screen shots with a few examples (click on images to enlarge them or on the link in the caption to read the article online, if still available):

TheWallStreetWatcher (USA)


Blog (USA)

NyhetsbryanSE (Sweden)

ResumeSE (Sweden)

TheRakyatPost (USA)

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